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Sheltie Rivers Kennels
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Second best Sheltie breeder in 2008
First best Sheltie breeder in 2007
Third best Sheltie breeder in 2006
Fourth  best Sheltie breeder in 2008
First best Sheltie breeder in 2007
Second best Sheltie breeder in 2006


Our Story

It was love at first sight. In the 70s, while living in Australia, I was at a dog show in Sydney, when I saw that "small Collie," I had had Collies before in Brazil. I went to talk to the breeder, Leslie Tanks , and then I was introduced to my first  Shetland Sheepdog. From that time on, I could never forget of thar small dog, so gracious and beautiful.

In 1996, already back to Brazil, I decided to have dogs. I thought, what breed of dog? I was living in a place not so big to have Collies. Watching a movie on TV, I saw in the background of the scene, a lady walking that small dog so similar to a Collie, I had met in the past. Bingo! A Shetland Sheepdog! I began taking my Shelties to conformation shows and having good placements in the show ring, finishing them and reaching to be one of the top Sheltie breeder in Brazil.

Our Shelties  are  above all, members of the family. In spite of the numbers of dogs we have and the large facilities to accomodate them, every week we have five or six dogs in the house, sleeping in our bedroom, therefore  having our companionship, receiving our dedication and love.
Our girls whelp their litters inside the house, so she and the pups get all the necessary assistance they may need.

Having a Sheltie is such a inexplicable experience, just imagine having many!

I don't want to hurt anybody's religious beliefs, but I truly believe that God unable to send the angels physically to earth, sent them in the body of the Shetland Sheepdog.

Sit comfortably in your chair, take a cup of coffee and surf on my website, meeting my furkids.
Lot of it is written in Portuguese , but as the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words," so take a look at the pictures of my boys and girls and their pedigrees.
Thanks a bunch for you visit. Enjoy your stay.

...................................................................................................................... Victor H. Rios



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